The vision of the zero-emission society

We work with climate budgeting and solutions for how companies, neighborhoods and individuals can cut the most CO2-emissions, and at the same time profit from it. We help set goals, but most importantly, we help find good emissions reduction solutions. We’ve turned it around a bit. We go straight to action and solutions that we know will contribute to emissions cuts. In this way we measure green growth and sustainable value creation.

Let’s talk about tomorrow 2020

We know that we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions if we are to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Everyone must join, business, politics and academia. This means that Norway’s fossil industry, which is also our largest source of income, must be restructured. We ask how – what role should the fossil industry play in Norway’s green shift?


The speakers

On September 28, 2020, we will meet in the Grieg Hall to hear what these great people have to say about tomorrow and Norway’s green shift. We must talk about tomorrow is the most important spring conference for you who want to learn more about how the green shift must take place in Norway.

Bjørn Haugland


Tore Furevik

Climate Specialist

Nina Jensen

One Healthy Ocean

Kristin Halvorsen

Politics and science?

Ingrid Velken

An electric Norway

Thina Saltvedt

The cost of the future

Terje Vedeler


Helene Frihammer

Green Shift

Bjørn Otto Sverdrup

Equinor and the climate

Want to influence tomorrow’s industry?

Join us!


About Tomorrow is promoting a national climate call

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A small step in the right direction

My name is Benedicte Nergaard, and I was born and raised along the coast at Sola in Rogaland. I sailed across the Stadhavet when I was 1 year old, and[…]

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Through a wide range of events, we aim to become a forum for knowledge exchange and innovation that will lead the way towards a greener future for future generations.



We can’t change the world alone. We are therefore looking for competent and engaged people, companies and organisations who would like to work with us towards our mission and vision. 


Dreaming of a sustainable society

Our purpose is to take part in the necessary societal change by connecting students and key persons from academia, business and politics to work with specific tasks, dissemination and innovation to fulfill our dreams.