A green organization of the future

Many of us probably feel that we are fighting a lost fight against climate change. Bergen has beaten heat records for the last 2 years and will probably continue to do so in the years to come.

I have never doubted climate change, but, like many others, I was a little unsure how much my actions would have on the climate crisis. It wasn’t until I saw a dying Great Barrier Reef in 2016 that I decided to make some major changes to the way I live.

My name is Sondre Kirchhoff Solnørdal and I work as Administrative Coordinator for Om tomorrow. At the University of Bergen, I am currently studying Masters in Administration and Organizational Science, a subject many certainly do not associate with climate change. In essence, the subject is about Administration, the impact of reforms and policies on society at the macro and micro levels. Admorg has also shown me how I can contribute more to the fight against global warming. Through a more climate-friendly organization of both society, private and public organizations, Norway and the individual companies can cut their emissions considerably.

In addition, I also work as an assistant at a community for multifunctional disabled people here in Bergen, a job that has given me much pleasure over the last 5 years.
Here at About Tomorrow, I work as Administrative Coordinator, which means developing the offer that the foundation will give businesses and those who wish. Right now, I’m working on developing the organizational structure, as well as surveys that will be sent out to companies from the fall. As co-founder of About Tomorrow, I look forward to using my expertise and dedication to make the foundation a future workplace for many and a resource in the fight against global warming.


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