A small step in the right direction

My name is Benedicte Nergaard, and I was born and raised along the coast at Sola in Rogaland. I sailed across the Stadhavet when I was 1 year old, and there have been many boat trips since then. Interest in the sea and nature has flourished and is no longer just interest, but also my field of expertise. I completed my Bachelor of Metrology and Oceanography in 2017, and am currently writing a Master of Physical Oceanography at the University of Bergen. During my 25 years of life, and especially my time at UiB, a desire to disseminate and assist with the correct and necessary knowledge of the sea and the climate has become ever stronger. I, therefore, became an early member of the academic events committee at the Geophysical Institute at UiB. There I was organizing the first ‘Let’s talk about tomorrow’ conference and I am now co-founder of the foundation ‘About tomorrow’. Here in About Tomorrow, I am part of the board, as well as HR responsible, which means that in addition to being able to assist with the knowledge I have about weather and sea, I get a close relationship with the people involved in the organization and the way it is run. on. Being a part of this gives me great motivation in everyday life. Outside of my studies, I have a part-time job, and if there is any extra time I try to get on the sea or the mountain as soon as I have the opportunity.

Being able to make a difference, small or big, is something I live for. And after organizing the conference ‘Let’s talk about tomorrow’ 2018, I have confirmed that yes, I can make a difference and I can achieve great things. What started out as an idea with a small event ended up with 600 attendees in Grieghallen. My role was to be behind the scenes and make sure everything went according to plan and time schedule – the whole process of planning and implementation was incredibly exciting and seeing the results added flavor, it is possible to reach the crowd. ‘About Tomorrow’ will be a stable rock in the future, which companies, businesses, politics, and educational institutions can lean on when they need information about the environment, climate, and energy. I want to be a part of and help shape. Managing our industries and resources in a sustainable way and driving them towards a zero-emission society will only become even more important in the future. Here, ‘About Tomorrow’ and I will join. I mean that the way this has to be done is to bring together the different industries, as well as engage the young, and create a meeting place where people with different interests and knowledge can talk, listen to each other and assess tomorrow – this in line with the goal of ‘About tomorrow’ foundation!


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