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What do we do?

We provide climate accounting, climate budgets and solutions for how companies, neighborhoods and individuals can minimize their emissions – without losing profits. We help you set goals, but most importantly, we help you find realistic solutions for reducing your emissions. Using a global, standardized method, we measure green growth based on the foremost climate research known today. We will help you choose actions and solutions that we know will contribute to emissions cuts. This way, we contribute to green value creation in society.

Through a wide range of current events and projects, we are a forum for knowledge exchange and innovation. We are engaging the younger generation to take an active part in the political debate, and to promote the will to pursue careers that help accelerate the green shift. Together we ask questions and find answers. How About Tomorrow leads the way towards a greener future for future generations.


We want to unite academia, business and politics through knowledge exchange that focuses on the sustainability goals that deal with our common climate and energy future.


Contribute to the work of achieving tomorrow’s society. The zero emission society.

Our History

Once upon a time…
The foundation About tomorrow starts with two parallel stories. In the fall of 2016, a small group of students from Tekna Student Bergen applied for social funds to arrange a large energy conference for the students in Bergen. At the same time, Geophysical Student Committee (GFFU) had gathered a bunch of volunteer students to organize a similarly large event with the same theme. After a brief meeting in the spring of 2017, it became clear that our common interests and ambitions for the projects could best be promoted through a brilliant and constructive collaboration.

Thus, it did not take long before we had gathered a competent team of skilled and committed students from both organizations. After several months of hard work on booking lecturers and locals, obtaining sponsorship money and intensive public relations work, we finally got the pleasure of inviting our guests to an unforgettable conference night in Grieghallen.

The conference took place on January 29, 2018. Among the speakers, we had hand-picked a number of representatives who are leaders in their fields, with a keen interest in solving the society’s challenges through innovation, technology and political influence. The goal was that they should answer some of the most central questions that Norway is facing as an energy nation today.

We filled the Peer Gynt Hall with over 600 participants from both academia and business, with representatives from all generations. We immediately realized that this was a success worthy of repetition, and soon began to look at the possibilities of creating a separate, independent organization that would continue the success into the future. The answer was the foundation About Tomorrow.